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Coming in 2022


Dive In to Your Essence

Monthly Temple Series


 The Sapphire Temple presents Dive In to Your Essence!  - a monthly membership Temple Series designed for those who wish to step into deeper relationship with their Essence Self through the life changing sacred technologies and practices found in Temple.


 Each month this transformative circle will meet in The Sapphire Temple’s Virtual Meeting Room for a fully interactive Divine Archetypal Temple experience.  This virtual meeting room via the Zoom platform, gives each member the opportunity to choose to call in by phone, or to join with audio, or audio and video through computer, smart phone or tablet.  This gives all present the chance to see and interact with each other as a live circle and creates a much more intimate and fulfilling online Temple experience.


 Dive In members will also be further supported each month with an in depth overview of that month’s Archetype in beautiful pdf format. This enriching guide will be delivered directly to you by email before the monthly Archetypal Temple experience so you can deepen with the light and shadow qualities and gifts of each archetype before further exploring them in Live Temple.  Members will also receive an audio, video or pdf handout for a guided Archetypal Deepening Practice, also to be delivered directly to you via email after the monthly Archetypal Temple experience.


 To support and hold members between the monthly Temple experiences, members will have access to the private Dive In to Your Essence Facebook Group.  This private group is open to the current members of the Dive In Temple Series to share, witness and support one another through this deeply personal and transformative process. Members will also have the continuing presence and support of The Sapphire Temple’s Gatekeeper and faculty within this group.

The Dive In to Your Essence private FB group will be held with the sacred coherent resonance that is a foundation of Temple space.  All who join will agree to the continued holding of the Sacred Agreements that ensure a respectful and safe environment for everyone present.

If this opportunity calls to you, follow this link below to find out more:

COMING IN 2022! 

Meanwhile, come join us in The Sapphire Temple Sacred Community Private Facebook Group here:


Each month we will be deepening with 1 of the 13 Divine Feminine Archetypes of the 13 Moon Oracle by Ariel Spilsbury, Founder of the 13 Moon Mystery School and the Sanctuary of the Open Heart.  Please do not let the word Feminine misguide you. Deepening into these powerful Archetypes is designed to be enriching and transformative for all genders.  We welcome and encourage all who are called to Dive In with us. 

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