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The Sapphire Temple

Sacred Community Private Facebook Group

A Gift Offering from The Sapphire Temple


 The Sapphire Temple Sacred Community Facebook Group is a sacred space created to support those that are interested in the deeply personal, alchemical, and transformative experience that is found within Temple, while being lovingly held in a safe and sacred community of others on this path of Essence Self discovery, remembrance, and expression. This is a space where we come together to witness and support each other as we explore the rich and life-changing practices offered in Temple. These practices aid us in our Essence expression as well as assist us to navigate this life and our calling with greater ease and grace.  


 This space will be held as a safe and sacred temple space by the Gatekeeper and faculty of The Sapphire Temple as a gift offering to this sacred community. All who join agree to support the integrity of this safe and sacred space by abiding to the Sacred Agreements that ensure a respectful, enriching and transformational experience for everyone present.


The Sapphire Temple will also further support this community by offering:

  • Essence Deepening Practices

  • Turn of the Wheel Celebrations

  • Monthly Live Online Temple 

  • Continuing presence and support by The Sapphire Temple’s Gatekeeper and faculty within the group for this sacred community. 

If this opportunity calls to you, please join us in the The Sapphire Temple Sacred Community Group by following this link:

 If you would like to know more about the Temple experience, what it is and what many of it’s beautiful components are, I encourage you to follow the path that is full of information about Temple here:

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